Written by: Yesha Shah

Lasting gaze lingers, longing pair of eyes that shine Pouring love with each flicker, desires burn bright... A subtle tenderness of your glance, locked with mine Oh! One could eternally go on beholding this sight. Your affection- intensified, projects in that gleamy sheen As I lower my eyelids, racing heart just skipping a beat Arrhythmic breathing, hiding that blush all along I've been From those glistening eyes that stare with a piercing heat! Fiery look as embers of a fresh new romance spark Air rife with tension as electricity of attractions crackle Beginning of a love story with the cupid's arrow mark Music of violins floats around as lovelorn eyes twinkle! More soulful words than what a thousand love letters to you, could say Emotions of heart, through eyes, the flowing stream of diamonds convey! 2/10/2012