You occurred and I was made

Written by: Asante Indira

I find us here, refined
and you and your arms pressed on this table
I'm pulsing
You and your languid walk
Quivering corners of my smile tells
that I like it here
Right before we open eyes
and witness sunrise on each other's body
Trace me here at your foot stool
Give me this chance to bow 
In  new found strength I choose to become weak
the buckle of knees right before the washing of feet
This is God's worship

You are the vine on my window
a directional language telling of where I'm supposed to go
I like the worry you cause me
the palpitations of my womb
when you are nothing but a man in my presence
The incandescence
I linger here to capture your silent scent
you remind me to give praise
for every time you're here
to bless me