Remembering the Names

Written by: Mark Russell

It’s been so long, turned around it’s all gone.
I can’t stand still, sliding off this hill.
Everything comes back but never quite the same.
I know all the faces yet can’t remember the names.

The seas seem calm, so I start to sail.
The sun shines down but looks so pale.
Things return but I wasn’t here,
 I lose myself whenever they grow near.

It’s been so long, it starts to look like rain.
The clouds come in and settle in my brain.
Everything fades, as it turns to black.
It’s been so long, there's no turning back.

The colors fade holding hope at bay,
I listen carefully, to every word you say.
Maybe the sun can return again today.
I just don’t know, my life seems a little frayed.

It’s been so long I need to find my way back.
Never wanting what I have, desiring what I lack.
The grass appears much greener on the other side,
The walls come crashing down,  I need a place to hide.

It’s been so long, since I could see the past.
I try to reach it, it’s beyond my grasp.
I see a smile and then it all comes back,
Names appear in the light shining through the crack.