Bleed just to know i'm alive

Written by: Crestfallen .

Emptiness inside is all i seem to ever feel,
things around me are starting to become less real.
Living in my own world all the time,
to hide from lies that seem to become as bad as war-crime.

Sometimes i feel like i have to bleed just to know i'm alive,
waiting for someone that understands to arrive.
It's like my heart beats once every hour,
out of breath no strength, no power.

No strive or interest to carry on,
wouldn't make much of a difference if i was even gone.
The world would still be spinning,
and thing's would eventually again be the same,
already walking dead, my heart is aflame.

Burning with anger
for no reason at all.
My eyes sting with tears,
that i wipe before they get the chance to fall.

Does my heart have the courage to look within myself to find a light? 
For now I have to bleed just to know i'm alive,
So i wonder if my heart bleeds to prove i'll survive.