Becoming Friends

Written by: craig cornish

When I think of you, a night sky,
Etching bold scribbles in July
That trickle and rap on my window
A bluish-white Craig of sea,
That beckoned my eyes to feel the dew
And in your river's wide flow,
New friendship ambles and rides a halo.
Searching the essence in moon’s follies
Amidst  a current of reasons,
You become a fluid stallion.

When I think of you, I recall
First coming to the Soup last fall
And befriending your every turn 
An inspiration from a walk to a waltz,
Then dance and soar, and sing
As you flew on iridescent wings.
Then, with a brush of gypsy- Nette’s  pen;
Landing on the highest branch,
Against the dark of a night sky
You become a sapphire butterfly.

For Tracie Edwards' When I Think of You Contest
Collab of nette onclaud and Craig Cornish