Cruel Gaze

Written by: Phillip Knox

You see me by the cruel gaze
your finger stroke tantalize
my thoughts like flames 
pain deep within.
Blind to the signs of chaos
constricted of breath
a thousand voices pause 
lips dripping with death.
No tears for the lonely 
myopic in scope, minds
intent on trickery only, hope
desperation, death notes
by rote inscribed.
There is no respite, the lies
eyes of the shadows 
assassins' vows 
the clash of destinies sanguine;
black grins, white phantoms
fail of reasons, demons of laughter
tones sharp in the air
Destroy me! Destroy me!, they stare-
I smile, each face of stone
confined within a labyrinth
each breath shallower than before
still give me more.
One breath from eternity
befalls the jeweled sky
silver moons, red sunsets
sweet beauty defies.
Escape i must
this secret touch
subliminal streams of dreams
abut these ties, love crimes-
I pierce the distance
sun kiss sapphires,
and visions of indigo seas
in autumn, a late breeze.
They die away
enemies of my soul
the still of a purple haze
inverse of a cruel gaze.