pushed to limits

Written by: Bradley Cox

I was pushed to the limits
my thoughts were disturbing
was i orchestrating a path of distruction
i had no mercy for folks who crossed me
were folk so confused about me
had i been keeping a score card all these years
was i a ticking time bomb
was i planing a suicide mission
or did i just want to out shine them one more time
was i dead serious or just burned out of life
would this be a bad scene or the worst
scene you have ever scene
was i indulging my depraved mind
or was it i am a ticking time bomb
was i out of my mind was i completely
out of control
would you ever think of me again
would i go to heaven or hell
Bang it was over
folks were crying and asking why
what went wrong with me
folks say i was a loner and a outcast
always keeping to his self
i left a note that they read
no one going to push me around no more!