For Papa

Written by: Kierstin Gallerie

I grab my box of tissues
As tears roll from my eyes
It would all feel better
If I had said goobye
I was coming to see you
To be there before you passed away
But I didn’t get here in time
And there’s so much I wanted to say.
I wanted to say I love you
And thank you for all you’ve done
Tell you how much you mean to me
And reminisce about all the fun.
You made us eat our veggies
Drink our milk to make us strong
Gave us that look of disappointment
Put us in the corner when we were wrong.
You showed us so much love
Showed us what family was about
Never let us go unwelcome
And never let us pout.
Papa you’re in everyone’s heart
Your voice is in our ears
We’ll keep you in our thoughts and 
Be our angel & shield us from our fears

In Loving Memory Of John Steven Rihner