Are Those Your Teeth

Written by: Jack Ellison

Are those your teeth, they look so perfect
Actually no, you won't believe my tale
Some old guy had just passed away
And his wife put his teeth up for sale

They fit really well, just like my own
So I offered her half what she was asking
For that she said you could have the bottoms
If you don't mind a little cracking

But you must do better if you want the uppers
There's loads of nostalgia in those choppers
I can still remember the fun times we had
When the two of us were teenyboppers

So I bumped up my offer a couple of dollars
I could tell she really needed the money
She reluctantly accepted with a tear in her eye
She was giving away part of her honey

So now you know the rest of the story
Keep it deep inside your cranium
Bout how I ripped off this little old lady
To look like Clooney or Damon

© Jack Ellison 2012