My Coat

Written by: Emile Ackbarali

5:00 am
And I am most alive
It's still quiet
I know they are on the road
The cars, the trucks, the trailers
But I can't hear them
Rather only bird song from the trees near by
I breathe but I do not inhale air, I inhale life

This time will pass though
As it should
I will get the breakfast
Do the little house hold things here and there
And then leave this home, this shelter

Before the key goes into the lock though
I will put on one last piece of clothing
My coat of extroversion
To hide this shy, fearful, nervous introvert from the world
With it on ...
I'll crack jokes
I'll laugh loudly with the others
I'll talk about things that I don't really care about
Just to keep things normal
Just to avoid the stares

The stares that come if I say 
... that I try to write poetry
... that last night I signed up on PoetrySoup
... that I found some great passages by Thoreau
... that American Transcendentalism fascinates me

Hell no! Are you crazy!?
I've got a really great coat
I'll talk about performance engine parts
About the silly politicians
About headlines in the newspaper
About traffic and potholes
And I may even throw some useless complaining to top it off

By the way, did I ever mention I have this really great coat
It's awesome!!!