Written by: Sabina Nicole

I have made so many mistakes,
Allowed my life to be at stake,
All because of guilt and shame,
A cycle that no one on this earth could tame.

I have ran from the only one who could save,
Allowed myself to be a tormented slave,
All because I had never known true love,
A web that was spun consumed me like a glove.

But then a precious presence entered my soul,
Told me I was free and to just let go,
A lovely voice within my heart,
Said three beautiful words... Brand new start.

I have pushed away all attempts to feel,
For the pain of healing has become quite clear,
But the alternative was death in my body and spirit,
So once again I will allow myself not to fear it.

I have rebelled all because I wanted to be rebuilt,
And like a rose in mid- fall I started to wilt.

No more isolation,
No more complication,
Simplicity... wasn’t so simple
When all I knew was rough currents and invasive ripples.

I have climbed many mountains when all I had to do was speak,
And now I am on my way to the highest peak,
For the promise of the strong deriving from what was once weak,
Has finally come to pass in the humble, Pure and meek.

By: Sabina Nicole