Written by: Ashley Henry

When the drugs are gone, I feel like dying
Cos when reality hits, I'm left there crying
Wishing things could go back to how they used to be
Like the way you promised, so sincerley 
But all thats gone to shit
& so has my dreams
& so has my life
Which has been torn at the seams
There's no other man
That holds a candle next to you
& when all I do is compare
I'm reminded of all the things we would do
& all this hits me hard
like a bullet through the chest
like a knife to my throat
A razor to my wrist
But when I take one hit
What a relief so desparatley needed
To clean up the mess you made
Of a heart that wont stop bleeding
Its the escape I need, when I feel so dead
But when I have nothing else, 
I take what I can get 
I miss you, I need you, like the air I breathe
& if I cant have that, Ill take a puff of just about anything
& if I cant smoke it, ill pop it, snort it, inject into a vein
& hey if it kills me, at least I'll be free from this pain
So judge me, hate, me, think whatever you wish
But when you've lost all you got
Then death becomes your only wish