Why Write

Written by: Emile Ackbarali

Why write?
Why bother?
It's just words
They're just thoughts

Are they proper words?
I don't know
Are they valuable thoughts?
I have not a clue

I often doubt
And even my doubt has doubts about doubt

Why write then?
Will not my words be drowned in the endless noise of this plain?
Will anything be heard?
Will I change any lives?
Will I start a movement?

I think not
I know not

Why press my fingers on these keys then?
Why waste my time?

In the end, there is only one answer
Only one excuse that I could devise

And that this writing has absolutely no power, save over me

So ....
I write to not lose my mind
I write to jolt a memory, an emotion, to tear it away
Tear it away from the sticky stifling webs of logic
I write to breathe fresh air
I write to fool myself into thinking that it's the world going mad and not me
I write to feel safe
I write to feel protected
I write so that my heart can slow down after a long day
I write because I am troubled, and know not how to recover
I write ... so that I may SCREAM at the world!

Then again
Why write?
Why bother?