Addicted More Than I Think

Written by: mandy cabral

I bet you won't call
You know its true
You're addicted to your buddies
I'm addicted to you

I stay up waiting for your call
Insomnia; sleepless
You will never realize
You are my biggest weakness

You said you would call two hours ago
It's cold and I'm still waiting
It will never be you,
Only the friends I'll be hating

Happy Anniversary baby!
What? out with the guys again?
Call me when your guys night out is over,
Maybe we can talk then

I don't like this side of you
Drinking, partying, buddies trying to fix you up with others, whatever
It hurts so damn bad
But I will leave you never

I wake up and see I have a voice mail
It's from you; I'm so happy!
"I lost track of time, 
your too controlling."

I break down crying
Realizing I'm no better than you
Grabbing the bottle, I say
I'll only have a shot or two

Time has passed
I'm drunk as hell
The saddest thing is
I love you still

Trying too drink away the pain
hours flash by day turns too night
tears falling down my face like rain
Why is loving you such a fight??

Please do not judge me by this poem. I wrote it when I was 19 and having a very hard time in my life. Drinking was what I turned too. Things have since turned around a little. I no longer drink so that's a plus