Written by: Broken Wings

I inhaled the crisp air It smelled of life and of earth The scents of the forest Sweet and piercing within the silence There was a loneliness and an isolation There was beauty and tranquility . . . Trees gave way to fields of green And wildflowers in every hue There were sounds The twitter of a bird, a squirrel foraging It all blended seamlessly with the foliage A perfect silent harmony . . . I heard the sound of rushing water A waterfall falling over cliffs I let the water trickle on my hands Cupping them to drink the sweetness Below glimmering rocks rested And silver fish swam . . . . Suddenly the sun was sinking And I must leave this enchanted glen . . . Written September 30,2012 For the Drunken Pen, Round 2 Contest Sponsored by Joanne Grisette