The One

Written by: Robert Hanna

I wish I could be the one that 
makes your heart skip a beat. 
The one who can be the man to 
sweep you off your feet. I wish 
I could be around you night and 
day. For the way I look at you, 
just wanting to be the one you 
look at the same way. Having 
my smile that makes you weak 
at the knees. And be the one 
that is a constant presence in 
your dreams. I want to be the 
one that is number one in your 
life. Being that one to call you 
my wife. So we can gravitate to 
the sun. Let the heat melt our 
hearts into one.  But truth is I 
am really just none.  Because 
your heart for me has no love. 
And I don't blame you, I blame 
me. Because you laid out your 
feelings clear and simply. I just 
simply don't want to lose the 
feeling. That one day you'll 
have a change of feelings. But I 
need to realize when to say it's 
done. And just realize I am not 
the one.