Written by: daver austin


Somethin’s buried in the cornfield
The Moon’s blood red
And this black hooded fiddler’s
A playin’ taps fer the dead

They be makin’ the rounds,
Farmer John’s cute little sprouts
Dressed in their bright Halloween suits
Intent on gettin’ lots a Handouts

Oh, somethin’s buried in the cornfield
Moon casts a rusty glow
The fiddler’s changed his tune now.
A macabre waltz, eerie ‘n slow

John’s chillun all’r enchanted
Fiddler’s music so sickly sweet
So strange this tune, they fail to see
The upthrust at Suzy’s feet

Somethin’s got Suzy by the ankle
Somethin’ muddy, bloody with gore
And Suzy’s screamin’ absolute murder
Wait! There’s a mystery in store

Somethin’s got loose in the cornfield
The fiddler’s a fiddlin’hell bent
It’s chasin’ John’s screechin’young uns
Ith a chainsaw divil sent

Sich a terrible, terrible story
Ta be a tellin’ Halloween Eve,
But rest ya easy my chillun,
I’m a gonna turn off the T.V.