An Un-Godly Sale

Written by: Robert A. Dufresne

There was a giant sale last Saturday.
An unbelievable one!
Such  civilization: how far we’ve come,
Many came to partake from all walks of life.

What a deal; what a steal.
That store it seems, in real estate, is up for sale,
so to keep it’s customers satisfied,
they cheapened their goods to the public’s avail.

It’s dark in that store;
It’s always dark in there,
But on the sidewalk there is light,
a totally opposite fare.

Yes last Saturday there was such a sale,
The like has never been seen
O’er hill , department store or dale.
Such a deal; what a steal!

But it’s dark in those sale lairs,
It’s always dark in those stores,
While selling their wares,
But people still came by the scores.

There were prices one couldn’t refuse,
The customer just couldn’t lose!
A fantastic sale for which one would kill,
At this local abortion mill….

But outside of the mill front on the sidewalk…
there is the peace of Christ and prayer talk,
His light shining and on the rise
A light that darkness can’t recognize.

So perhaps it’s time to listen to your heart,
Forget the worn out buzz lines and what your “friends” say,
Face the light, squint your eyes and make a new start,
Join with light and life in a brand new day.

This poem was inspired by an actual “sale price” they had 
at the baby killing abortion mill in our town recently . Sad but true.
    Let those of us who care, pray for a change of heart for all 
those who think in the darkness of excuses that somehow 
It is a Godly thing and a woman’s right to kill His babies.
…sale or no sale.
     Then and only then will this country take a change for the better.
“Seek ye the kingdom of God and all else will be added unto you.”

 Robert A. Dufresne.