A Poet's Garage Sale - Come One Come All

Written by: Cynthia Alvez

Buy one, get one free!
Waste no time, come and see!

If you are looking for a metaphor
please check the green box at the front door.

Similes are in a stack, take all you want
Hiding under the wizard's hat.

Acrostic words, there are very few
But there are many old and new haiku.

Love phrases are stacked sky high
Wasted tears stacked up to the sky.

Woeful plea's, some old some new
Pick the one best suited for you.

Quatrains in piles are in rows of four
Couplets in twos sit by the back door.

Pantoun, sonnets, odes of love
Are on ladders reaching the heavens above.

Take your time for For verses of rhyme, 
Some are borrowed from old father time.

This sale will be held just for a day
I have things to do, happiness is on the way.

Buy any one with a kiss, two of any thing with a hug
Three by standing on your head, , four with a tug...

On my day dreams ready to go out and play
Recycled heart strings are free...molded in clay.

The sale ends at midnight on the day after forever!
No returns accepted, take every purchase and do something clever!

Sunday. September 30, 2012

                                            For SKAT"s Contest