Keep On

Written by: lynn Hanna Barany

It's hard to climb the mountains
If you've never walked on plains,
It's hard to swim the oceans
If you've never walked in rain.

You can never be the president
If you've never swept a floor,
You won't be first in line
If you're the last one at the door.

If you've never opened up a book
Or read you're daily news,
You'd better sit in silence
And not present your views.

So if your world is folding
Falling all apart,
Did you give it all you had,
Did you try with all your heart?

The maid within the castle
Can never be the queen 
But the work she does within
By many will be seen.

And the lowest paid employee
Who feels so very lost
Should never give up faith,
That someday she'll be boss.