Written by: nette onclaud

His beat rages for hours darting to the computer table without time to greet Mom or Dad as the light pops every minute; wired in space, lost in blank words when he speaks, enthralled to level up and gain power points because he cares more for video than human talk. The light on the screen aims at Tekken and aliens raging a war against supremacy, somewhere outside the real world he can’t deal with, now. And he puts the light on, enticing him to dim a special nook in a lit, closed room. Kiddie books unread for weeks; a migraine splits past 12 am for a kid of nine years unable to control an impulse. He eats, plays and deals with his robot pals.. . . . . . . . . . . other boys take their bikes out, buts he pushes another button controlled by his mechanical allies with guns ,roars. . . . . . Video wreck, Game! Danger: I'm Creative Update Sponsor: Sheri Fresonke Harper by nette onclaud