Never Land Part 7

Written by: Terry O'Leary

The sinking sun is now undone, the sky is fading red. A spider black hides in a crack and spins a silken thread And babes will soon collapse and swoon, on curbs they call a bed; With vacant eyes they fantasize and dream of gingerbread, And then are freed, though still in need, from anguish of the dead. While midnight bats are gnawing gnats and feasting free unseen, A toddler’s fed from garbage sheds an elegant cuisine. Along the trails in distant dales a lonesome wolverine Feigns appetite on fogy nights and days of crystalline. The circus gongs excite the throngs in nighttime Never Land – They swarm to see the destiny of Freaks at their command, While Acrobats step pitapat across the shifting sands And Lady Fat adores her cat and oozes charm unplanned. The Dwarfs in suits, so small and cute when marching with the band, Ask crimson Clowns with painted frowns, to lend a mutant hand, While Tamers’ whips with withered tips, throughout the winter land, Lure minds entranced through hoops enhanced with flames of fires fanned. White Elephants in big-top tents sell black tusk contraband To Sycophants in regiments who overflow the stands, But No One sees anomalies, and No One understands. At night’s demise, the dither dies, the lonely Crowd disbands, Down dead-end streets the Horde retreats, their threadbare rags in strands, And Janes and Joes reweave their woes, for thoughts of change are banned.