Never Land Part 2

Written by: Terry O'Leary

The alley ways within the maze are paved with rats and mice. Evangelists with moneyed fists collect the sacrifice From losers scorned and rubes reborn, and promise paradise, While in the back they cook some crack, inhale, and roll the dice. A bum called Boe has stubbed his toe, he’s stumbled in the gutter; With broken neck, he looks a wreck, the sparrows all aflutter, The passers-by, they close an eye, and turn their heads and mutter: “Let’s pray for rains to wash the lanes, to clear away the clutter.” A river slows neath mountain snows, and leaves begin to shudder. Though rip-off shops and crooked cops are paid not once but thrice, The painted girl with flaxen curl is paring down her price And loosely tempts cold hands unkempt to touch the merchandise. A crazy guy cries “where am I”, a schizo titters twice, And double quick a lunatic affects a fight with lice. The jungle teems, a siren screams, the air is filled with meth. The Reverent Priest and nuns unleash the Holy Shibboleth. And Righteous Jane who is insane, as well as Sister Beth, While telling tales to no avail of everlasting death, At least imbue Hagg Avenue with whisky on their breath. The Reverent Priest combats the Beast, they’re kneeling down to prey, To fight the truth with fang and tooth, to toil for yesterday, To etch their mark within the dark, to paint their résumé On shrouds and sheets which then completes the devil’s dossier. Old Dan, he’s drunk and in a funk, all mired in the mud. A Monk begins to wash Dan’s sins, and asks “How are you, Bud?” “I’m feeling pain and crying rain till soon there is a flood. And no god’s there who seems to care I’m always coughing blood.” The Monk, he turns, Dan’s words he spurns and lets the bible thud. Well, Banjo Boy, he will annoy with jangled rhymes that fray: “The clanging bells of carousels lead blind men’s minds astray To rings of gold they’ll never hold in fingers made of clay. But crest and crown will crumble down, when withered roots decay.” Now, Railroad Bob has lost his job, he’s got no place for working, His wife, she cries with desperate eyes, their baby’s head’s a’ jerking. The union man don’t give a damn, Big Brother lies a’ lurking, The boss’ in cabs are picking scabs, they count their money, smirking.