Written by: Steven Brown

Daley Thompson's Decathlon
A game that made your fingers throb
And Pacman was an intriguing game
A mission of sticking things in his gob
Who could ever forget Space Invaders
A quest to blitz the monster's before you were reached
And Donkey Kong was a journey towards the animals breach

The last 20 years have been a video game extravaganza
From the Atari to the PS3
And Nintendo and XBOX have followed suit
But made board games obsolete
They have fastly become the 21st century babysitter
Able to hypnotise your child with ease
And catapult them into a fantasy world
Where gladiators are killing giant cheese

This extravaganza is no laughing matter
We need to fight against this electronic regime
Instead of paying £39.99 for things like FIFA 13
It's time to take back our children
Allow them to be innocent again
And rather than locking them a way in a room
Take them to the park again