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Written by: Taylor Jenkins

You beg to breath in my emotions
To get high off of my thoughts
So sure it's something you can handle
I'm not so confident in the strength of your "lungs"
For the term, "smoking you out" is a very great understatement
I've considered letting it all out
But I can't get the image of you choking on my insanity out of my head
You reassure me it's nothing you haven't heard before
While I am way to positive that you have no idea what your really talking about
I am fully aware of your desire to dissect my brain
Rummage through my own mental files for some sort of useful information to make you feel better about your own status
But you really don't know what you're trying to get yourself into
They are selfish, childish words
The ones that speak to me throughout the horribly long days
I'm absolutely positive that would be your final conclusion
As soon as you sobered up anyways