Taking It All In

Written by: HOLLY MOORE

I see your smiling face
You're just an image in my mind
Looking back at me seeing you

You’re standing on a mountain top
Electric blue butterflies everywhere, beautiful scenery
Colors like a rainbow...yellow, blues, and greens

You’re in your favorite clothes now
The fedora upon your head, nice and clean the way you like it 
It feels good to see you this much

You stand there for a while
Taking me all in
I keep staring at you, noticing your silly grin

You look just like your father
Handsome, tall, and thin
But he is gone also; I know you are with him.

Yet, it feels like thunder and no rain
The trees you cannot hear falling
Wind you cannot touch 

This aching in my chest will never go away
Like having a stroke without really
It’s just here to stay..

Holly P. Moore
September 2012