My Fate

Written by: Renae Reynolds

There's come a time in this life,
When true love's been realized.
That one and only true soul-mate
Has appeared before my eyes.

When first I saw your lovely face,
I was taken by surprise.
For I fell just like a ton of bricks
in your gaze-so mesmerized.

Your beauty is so radiant,
Your persona so refined.
I can't believe you looked at me,
not even wined or dined.

In you there are so many things,
I so cherish and adore.
And with each and every virtue
I love you all the more.

Within my heart and soul my love
you occupy a space.
From moment one thru the end of time,
will forever be your place.

I truly am thankful
extremely grateful too;
for never in all my dreams
Did I imagine finding you.

So know that I won't falter'
Nor will I hesitate;
To ask you to share my life
For I know you are my fate!