Love's Crumbling Foundation

Written by: Stephen Parker

You beckoned me to love's door; The
steps you gilded with hope, and glossed
with a libido to score. With an open window
to heart's latch, on amor's ledge we
ballasted unbridled passions with reason's 
cerebral core. O'er time, your corrosive nature
did fealty's shutters crack. Your flamable
ego the fragile beams did retard. Consuming pride 
through the patchwork frills did bore. Your inflexible, 
jealous studs did my mercurial grooves abhor. Your
intemperate binges jammed the maleable spring on love's 
hinges evermore. Duplicitous actions stripped the veneer 
from ground floor. In love's final absolution, mortar's 
bonding glue from foundational blocks severed.