My Drive

Written by: HOLLY MOORE

I pulled out of the driveway
And someone almost backed into me

I put the car in drive to continue
And a black cat ran across the street

So, I kept onto the freeway 
Hoping to get some relief

But, if you aren't already on there....
You have no ticket to merge onto the street

I finally made it on the main road
Where other drivers’ were yelling at me

I guess if you do not go 105
You are not allowed to be there to drive

So, I continued onto Wally World
Just to get a thing or two

But finding a parking spot....
Was the impossible thing to do

People do not like to give up their places
Even if they are through

That is their space so they take their time
Although they see me waiting in line

I decided just to forget it and go home
I really have everything I need

Besides, I have some cupcakes
What a perfect pair indeed!

Holly P. Moore
November 2012

"Smile You're on Candid Camera" Contest