Written by: NANCY CHAWLA

Sometime, someone somewhere was so passionate about someone!!!!

They met- it was fortune!
They liked- it was fantasy!
They loved- it was destiny!
They separated- it was tragedy!

How could she let him go?
How could she say him no?

His magic was mesmerizing,
His voice was mellowing,

His soul was serene,
His heart was clean,

His words were mollifying
His mind was classifying,

His love was very intense,
But he could never commence,

He never shared his heart out,
So for her it was beyond doubt,

That someone thinks of her madly
Which she would have accepted gladly,

But she kept waiting for quite long,
That one day they would string along,

He did not say out of his shyness,
He used to address her as highness,

The time passed,
Days! Months! Years!

But still same story prevailed,
He had as yet not unveiled, 

She could not carry the precious but unspecified relation forward
So spoke to him about it very straight forward,

The response was expected,
She knew she was selected,
But his nervousness in committing,
Compelled her actually for quitting,

Both weren’t ready to be apart,
Weren’t even prepared for a fresh start,

Life doesn’t always give a second chance,
One needs to be clear in advance, 

This is what it turned out to be,
One who was at fault was – he,

Their relation is still a mystery,
He can’t forget her in his life history

Still someone is longing for someone somewhere!