Debbie has A Birthday

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

Debbie has a birthday, wow what can that mean?
Is she having a special day, just for a birthday queen?
How old now can our Debbie be?
Older than her teeth, and that is bound to be…

She is as they say, as old as her tongue
Gosh that that can’t be right, something must be wrong
Her tongue they say is rapier sharp, her wit the same way too,
That come with years of practice, I’m still aspiring too.

Her tongue must be separate from our dear Debbie’s head
Cos it can’t be that experienced when all is done and said…
But maybe her teeth are not all her own
Maybe the botox, another set has grown.

No I am sure our Debbie is just as she is seen
And well worth her 30th and to be a birthday queen.
One thing now of which I am sure as can be
I’ll never make money writing birthday rhymes, See….