Video Games

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

Video Games
My children were reared on video games
Not my choice I know, but I take the blame 
The hours they spent on a computer screen
Sent spears through my heart and caused me to scream

A necessary evil, my husband did say
They can learn from these things that they want to play...
How can that be, its nothing but blood and gore
His answer, I don’t know what you are looking at but try it some more

The games that they played were frivolous and fun
Not the one that I heard of that annihilate everyone.
No that came as the boys grew in their understanding
And hid them away in the blanket box on the landing.

By now though our boys are well rounded men
When road kill is on the road they won’t look at them
They are sissy’s with blood of any and all kind 
They know the difference in a game and real human kind.

They have mastered parts of foreign languages
By playing on line with all races and ages.
Their knowledge is far more than they learnt in school
So I am not so afraid now of technologies new tools
© ~GG~ 28/09/2012