Child of Night

Written by: richard michael

Dark child of night,
it must have been you I passed,
in a shadow of moon,
Orion on your shoulder, 
you lover of doom.
You parade across,
the stage that is night,
that we might better see,
your sparkle and shine.

Dark child of night,
ride in on your dark horse,
pounding hooves like thunder,
roll across the sky.
Flashing lightning from your eyes
over the din, I hear your cry.
I pale at the thought,
you might not survive,
the sun.

Sunlight rips the night apart,
shutting off starshine.
The moon hides her face,
embarrassed by her paleness,
but the night can't be replaced forever,
it will come again,
in its time,
dark child of night,
parade the sky,
sparkle and shine.