Suicide Lullabye


Razor slips through skin, a desolate track,
As hard as ya pray, ya canst take it back.
Ruby gems swell, slowly trickles down,
Iced jewels scattered on barren ground.

Pure white snow pooling crimson red,
Chilled satin sheen caressing a sweet head.
Icicles tinkle akin a funeral knell,
Just another affair gone to hell.

Death watches, a new lover awaiting thee
Paint cold lips cyanosis blue, my pretty.
Comes he calling with an arctic kiss.
Eyes frozen open in perpetual bliss.

Rest my darling, in eternal sleep,
Rest assured, tracks are brutally deep.
He rocks ya so gently in a cold embrace.
Wiping frozen tears from a glacial face.

Wickedness belies the bitter truth,
Death only envies fleeting youth
Patience, a worthy blessed virtue,
Peace arrives as the bleeding's through.

So, go ahead my darling, let  yourself go,
Gale winds croon of mortality below.
A lullabye, to a broken hearted fool,
Shattered by a lover evermore cruel.