The Redeemer

Written by: Diogenes Zuniga

Tell the world...tell them!!
Tell the world that the One,
Creator of all things has won.
Overcoming death something never seemed!!

Tell them...
He loved the world so much - 
He lowered Himself to a human being;
Just like you and me - He was Tempted by all things,
yet without sin.
Jesus die as a curse and resurrected as a  King - 
Love for us drove Him to the cross by all means.

Tell the world...
Jesus felt your sorrow, tears and pain - 
He walked among us...The wise, the foolish, the lame.
We all need Love and forgiveness.
Repentance is a gain.
Tell the world that His sacrifice  was not in vain.
Not one drop of blood was left in His veins.

Tell the world...Tell them!!(screaming)
All He require is a contrite spirit - 
A humble heart and broken spirit.
How could we reject this amazing grace;
turn our back on Him and spit in His face - 
Lord, we are not even worthy to tight up your shoe lace.
Thank you Father for your mercy and grace.

“Jesus die for all.
And he has come not to condemned the world but to save the world.
He die so through Him you may obtain eternal life.”

Jesus Christ our Redeemer
Let us confess that you are the son of God,
and that we are sinners.
We repent from our sins -
Lord, we need forgiveness.

We cry out to you oh Lord!!
Clean us with Hyssop -
so that we may be as white as snow.