Written by: Debbie Duncan

An apple red as blood
Hear you go dear 
Take it with cheer 
It's sweet as sweet can be 

If only you would runaway 
Or something like that
My mirror just won't let me be
As I look into it, it keeps reminding me 

Alas, I'm not the fairest of them all  
That makes my blood boil as I walk past 

My husband says, Oh my beauty she is a child
I say, yes, she is a coming of age child 
And she is your child at that 
There can only be one queen of this manor 

I will send my huntsman to retrieve her heart
Then maybe this thorn in my side will subside
She will be gone once and for all from my site

Or maybe the huntsman will be her prince charming
And they will ride off together, never to be seen again

So here my child take this apple and eat
This blood red apple is calling to you 
And be on your way for good this day
I should never want to see you again  

 9/ 19/ 2012   9pm  Sunday
I wrote it as I was watching the add for snow white & the huntsman with Charlize Theron,,, she is a favorite actress of mine ;}