The Coming Bacon Shortage

Written by: Elton Camp

The Coming Bacon Shortage

By Elton Camp

Even though the press release was mistaken,
It told of an unavoidable shortage of bacon

Then when it was picked up on the Internet,
Loads of worldwide publicity it did get

That fat & cholesterol they won’t be getting
To many folks was just terribly upsetting

The corn crop was damaged by drought
Is what the press release was really about

In fact, bacon in the stores will still be there
But folks may have to pay more than they care

However, because bacon prices will rise
Is why no shortage will come by surprise

Shortage is when there actually isn’t enough
High prices means folks eat less of the stuff

This creates balance between supply & demand
So, in reality, there is no bacon shortage at hand

Yet many people began to panic and to growl
When the Internet created a most baseless howl