Written by: Ashley Henry

I've come to this place, 
Without a reason,
Life just makes no sense
What is the point in doing anything
Years from now I wont exist

I look at my hands, I look at my face
I try to figure it out
All this flesh that holds me together
Will someday be in the ground

Beyond my control, without a doubt
I cannot see the purpose
In getting married, in having dreams
In the end it's all so worthless

Each birthday passes, celebration 
til your old enough to see the light
Birthdays are just a harsh reminder
of the years you've got left of your life

But here I am, and there you were
My whole perspective changed cos of you
And although I still go back to that place
Its easier cos I'm with you

You make me laugh, you make me smile
I love the way you make me feel
& when I'm surrounded by a world so blinded
You remind me of what is real

I look at you, & I see a purpose
in all the things I do 
& I'd rather live a life with no answers
Then to not live at all with you