His cousin's wedding

Written by: Voahanitriniaina Rabary-Andriamanday

We received the invitation,
pretty card...and pretty late,

for I need deepest inspiration
to prepare such a debate

between my husband and I:
The cousin's his, and I am shy!

Shy enough to need one year
to decide what I could bear

on my shoulders on that day:
bright red dress or simple grey?

That pretty card came pretty late
And as I stood at our gate,

staring at lovely designs,
I already saw bad signs:

The sky was blue...
My blue dress too !

The garden green...
What should it mean ?

My roses grew
wild tangerine

And I felt more
like a child, crying.

O my, that pretty card was late
I'll have NINE months before the date 

To put a colour on my dress
And get my husband say me "Yes !"

O my, that pretty card is late
I better start with the debate

Right now before he leaves his office
I'm phoning him to send a kiss.