Written by: Adeleke Adeite

Smile even when the song goes sour,
laugh, when the light of life go so dim, 
dance even when the drumbeat dies,
Only crazy people can cruise on after a crash.

Let no storm stop you, stand and be strong,
only failures fail to finish when they fall,
worse woes befall winners in the race of  life,
they simply rise and work out a way forward.

Pain is part of the party, so persist;
lie is also in the story, so live through it,
no one excels without experiencing errors.
No one gets to the top without trials and toils.

The world is full of worms and wonders,
it is carved with beauty but it's got blunders
it thrills… yet there are thorns and thunders,
our seeds are ours to plant and not to plunder.

Not all that is green is good for the garden,
not all that is fragrant is fit for a flower,
not all sweet stuffs soothe the stomach,
Live through it all and learn to love your life.