Forgotten Wine

Written by: linda smith

Casually we amble the trail
searching for the perfect locale,
quiet, secluded, alone.
I spread the soft blanket 
in the warm fall sun.
You rest upon the edge 
as I unpack our feast.
A bottle of red wine,
chilled to perfection,
poured gently as we speak.
I watch as you lift the glass
the sweet nectar 
flows into your eager mouth.
I taste the wine
as I kiss your velvety lips.
I tease you with a luscious ripened strawberry
dipped in sweet cream.
a soft murmur of approval
escapes you lips
I tantalize you with each bite
all the while,
mesmorized by your mouth.
Slowly, I trail my warm hands
down you shoulders
and place gentle nibbles
on your neck.
Soon, hunger isnt the only thing that consumes us.
Each other, we devour,
the wine all but forgotten.