A Moment in Time

Written by: Jacqui Waldron

We went in search of names we knew
Their stories yet unknown
What burdens had they endured in life
Would we ever really know?

From village to village we travelled around
We searched from place to place
Past honeysuckle and high hedges
Would we ever find a trace?

And so we came to Lapley
And Cartwright corner did we find
The graves so worn and weathered
So few memories left behind

But there was the farmer Ezekiel!
And his wife Charlotte too
Their daughters Elizabeth and Mary Ann
So many amongst the few

And further down another grave
I knelt, and under the moss
There was Ezekiel the blacksmith
Mourning the love he’d lost

And still we searched for more and more
And roamed throughout the grounds
Looking and wondering if more were here
Or had time worn them down

And so we crossed to the graveyard
And two monuments we found
Side by side as in their life
And now beneath the ground

And for that moment time stood still
As we looked to one another
Two kindred souls who thought upon
A daughter and her mother