Hell In The Jungle-Vietnam

Written by: Lori Hopkins

a mother laments upon the hill

the hill of dead and dying

she cannot conceive her loss

she cannot stop her crying

a pirilous journey she'll undertake

for her dear one she'll not forsake

with a mere rock she'll end their lives

no concern for their guns and knives

a bloody bundle is all they left her

a casualty of war to them

but to her it was murder

she makes her way into their camp

weak and cold from the damp

she spies a fire burning afar

now her turn to leave a scar

she brings the rock down on his head

and does not stop until he is dead

a shot rings out in the dark

the bullet strikes her down

seeing the bundle in her arms

the soldiers gather round

such a pity

such a shame

the guilt runs deep

but theyre not to blame

from the shadows emerges one lone man

the smoking gun in his hand

God save us from this hell in Vietnam

he wipes a tear from his cheek

and says the future looks so bleak

with this said they all weep and weep and weep