My Own Reflection

Written by: Sheena Rucker

Today I look and see a girl who lives in her own world
smiles as she walks, pleasant and cheerful as she talks.
Seems like everyday she makes a new friend,
but lately her friendships have come to an end.
Her never-ending bright days turn dark quickly in many ways.
She laughs through fear, bottles up feelings, never drops a tear.
Trust is hard to find, hides thoughts within, pretends not to mend.
Things needed to be said, trapping them as they spin around.

Lost in clouds that surround, searching for someone around.
Who is the stranger that lives inside?
Someone she tries to hide.
Looking deep into her eyes, the obvious unrealized.
Personality changing, true self lives within,
digging for help, depression begins.
I want to help this sad pale complexion
As I look in the mirror at my own reflection!