drugs dole

Written by: beejaz north

Drugs,  Dole,  Dames,  Drink,  Drive.

Day after day no decisions to make,
No reason to get out of bed when you wake.
Find a job they say,  get off the dole!
They don’t realise at school I had a higher goal.
Drugs,  Dole,  Dames,  Drive or  Drink
Are my only choices about what to think.

The politicians sleep on beds so soft and fine,
And consume expensive food and wine.
Budget time give themselves a rise and make it tougher
For those on the dole, whose poor kids then suffer.
My decisions are Dole, Dames, Drink, Drive or Drugs,
With the politicians as the Big-Time Thugs.

Politicians profit from the sales of  Drink and Smokes,
They can afford them, while it keeps us broke.
Drugs,  Drive,  Dole,  Drink or  Dames,
Who is the kids father, what choice of names?
Sometime soon some-one has to break the cycle chain,
Or every-one of us will end up insane.