Peace and Quietude

Written by: Broken Wings

I wake to my kitty sleeping in my arms, soft and warm A gentle breeze from my open window All is peace and quietude Except, the singing birds calling to each other I stretch and snuggle for a few more winks Then sighing, I get up and wash Dressing in my favorite tattered jeans I go for a walk to town . . . The sky pastel blue, the air icy cold I leave my heritage building Cross the street and pass the grey stoned church Walking briskly . . . At the convenience store, I buy a newspaper, A loaf of bread and milk The town cafe is deserted, as I sip my coffee And eat my apple fritter I make a mental note to buy winter boots A warm coat, hat and mitts Winter is knocking on Fall's door . . . The streets are so quiet, as I walk to the library I wander the isles alone with only books Next, I go to the dollar store Pencils, a sharpener, and lined note pad I plan to be writing today . . . . My backpack is full, as I trek home An icy wind blowing me Past the grey stoned church Across the street to my heritage building . . . I wake to my kitty sleeping in my arms, seems I went for a walk and shopping last night in my dreams Written September 26, 2012 For the In Dreams Contest Sponsored by Francine Roberts