Written by: Mpho Leteng

The day fell and the night came;
in the dark i stood alone...
mind filled with prior thoughts of a  red future, gleaming gold,
a bleeding earth and crust fold,
the cold Kachikau winds recycled into my nostrils the breath of the late me!

i saw the end of the world;
Like a rose during the dry season the future was fading!
the walls we built were trembling down;
the rock of my salvation long weathered and her spirit erouded.

the Kachikau horizons were levelled;
the times you were with me when i was with you were no more
a fire burned them to the depths of sheol!
i saw the earth fade...

we dug a pit and fell into it
we made the earth bleed...
our lips consumed us!
now the end of the world is near,
we and all are fading.