Written by: Michael Domaracki


It’s funny how it goes
Some days I just don’t know
Whether I’m coming or where I’m going to
And today is one of those dark spots that I know
I’m evolving into their eternal bleakness
With not much hope left to hold me over…
Until tomorrow

I can’t wait for my salvation
Release from self-condemnation
Guided by beliefs that have no bearing here
On the outcome of my life
Whether or not I am judged by a higher power
Is not a principal I can count on
As reciprocation for good intent is non-existent

I bide my time in this world
Unable to prevent the inevitable
I ride my rhymes through this world
Only to prolong the inevitable
When in the end
The inevitable comes for everyone

Everything can carry over
From one day to the next
From one life into another
So who is there to tell you whether or not, 
Right from wrong…
Just because you think of greener pastures
Doesn’t mean that you will find them here
Or there…

When you need them now
To help fend off the inevitable
The time is now
If I am to put off the inevitable
Because in the end, the inevitable comes for everyone

Is this the end??