Never back together

Written by: Sneha Agarwal

Wounds are deep sown in heart
Stay together but never like back
Fulfill the promise unsaid aloud
No one to help soothe pain inside.
Talk …world listens and laughs
Bonds even shake down to lessen
All alone a journey of girl in life
Virtually sits the trauma and smiles.
Be a sister, mother or wife
Own identity only then survives
Go on as per the rule eternal
Blame game all on her side.
Taken and shaken ever and ever
Not to mention as per tradition
Not to use any reserved rights
Cries the soul deep…deep inside.
Never back together yet stay back
For can’t retrace the path again
World will not let live her and family
Who gave it all to have her settled.
Sour eyes and choked throat
Still process the best of show
Stay as it is…forget the denials
After all this is the reality door.
Almighty made the differences 
Humans should follow the rituals
Even it all throws “HER” to death
Move on together…smile and poise.