The Joy of Nits

Written by: Karen Deeks

Headlouse dance as agile ballerinas across a small childs skull
And believe the truth as im only good at that
I havent seen one for a while

Its hard to confess 
That i actually miss
Foriging the tresses of my little sprigs
Eyes dancing
Hither and tither 
To and fro
As if anyone would
Id always know

Where on earth the little devils would go
I know their lifecycle
And im ever so proud to admit that i can
Spot one
At fifty paces

(The safari Hunt!) 

I used to settle down, comb at hand 
I knew i was at it when i imagined
A safari hat
I was the hunter 
Their stalker
Trapsing through the thick dark forestry of hair
Silent in deep excitement

'THERE! ' Ive got another one

Id chalk up the amounts
leaving bloodied squashed and squelched
Knits pon white tissue
A most satisfactory
Blood count

I was good, i was brilliant 
A most efficient predator
of those nasty
Horrid little blood sucking beasts that chose to feast
On my childrens heads
Id gather up the population
Ensuring they were all 

(Bet you scratched your head at least once whilst reading this)